Suits (S05e14): “Self Defense”


Okay this has got to be one of the best legal drams I have ever seen on TV, I’ve always loved it but this half of Season 5 is seriously SO DAMN good. The weeks wait seems like forever, especially with these cliffhangers.

Tonight’s episode is all about Mike wanting to represent himself at the trial, picking up from last weeks episode. Harvey challenges him to a showdown, whoever wins the mock case can represent Mike.

Okay so they’ve done a few of these before, but WOW Harvey really brought it this time, he was brutal. Gabriel Macht does such a freaking amazing job with these scenes.  His conviction with the lines are gut wrenching only in the best way, I mean I absolutely hate him in those scenes, like Rachel says. Its so amazing to watch him at work in these scenes. I mean what he said to Rachel was such  a blow, he embarrassed her in front of everyone, I mean after Mike was completely owning him in this practice run.

That was a low blow, but I loved seeing our favorite Rachel and Donna session in the bathroom, I’m so worried about the relationships with everyone, I mean everyone is taking it really bad but in different ways. The wedge Gibbs is creating is taking its toll.

So we know this trial is hitting everyone hard, especially since they know about Mike’s secret and its obvious that its getting to Louis. I mean is he really going to help Gibbs?? After watching the promo for next weeks episode, I’m, so suspicious, the editing always fools me so we’ll see this time. The stakes were always high for everyone carrying Mike’s secret, but seeing the events of that decision impact everyone is such an eye opener. 

Jessica was such a BOSS in tonight’s episode, I always enjoy watching her scenes just cause shes one of the most strong written female characters, and I love seeing what shes going to do next. I mean I wasn’t expecting her to give Gibbs a restraining order to stay away from Louis.

I’ve gotten to say I really enjoyed Mike and Benjamin’s scene about how he treated him nicely and was so kind to him and that’s how he always knew, it was a sweet moment. I mean I thought he was going to ask about the Harvard situation, the marriage license caught me off guard, but it was a smart move. Until Harvey obliterated it.

Finally we all know that Donna is really tough, but seeing Gibbs take her done on the stand was so horrible to watch, since we all love Donna. I mean we hardly get to see her in a vulnerable position, and especially how she couldn’t keep it together. Sarah Rafferty did a amazing job, plus its nice to see how this is impacting everyone. The cast is really doing an INCREDIBLE job, I mean it so good to watch.

Seriously after seeing the promo for next weeks episode, I cant wait. I mean I need to know what happens, plus theirs only 2 more episodes. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us in Season 6.