The Muppets (S01E12 & S01E13) “A Tail Of Two Piggies” & “Got Silk?”

Review and analysis: I’m not going to lie, but I liked The Muppets better before the winter break (I was one of the few liking it back then apparently). In my opinion the retooling of the show hasn’t done any good to the comedic part of the episodes. The first few episodes of the show missed that too in my opinion, I didn’t have a lot of LOL moments, but later on it became funnier and funnier.

The 11th episode of the season, the first one after the winter break, showed potential as well. I thought the small changes they made were good, and the episode was funny, but this week’s episode and the one of last week really missed the great dry lines that I did see earlier on the show. I have to admit that, especially A Tail Of Two Piggies focused more on the emotional side of things. This is not a bad thing, but it is still a comedy and these last two episodes really weren’t as funny as the show was before. Also, Miss Piggy is not and has never been my favorite muppet. The A-stories of both episodes focused mostly on her, so the fact that I didn’t like these episodes as much as the others, might have to do with that as well.

A Tail Of Two Piggies does have a very current topic. When Miss Piggy’s tail pops out during a red-carpet event, she is very embarrassed. But when it turns out that she can be an example for a young pig called Alynda, who had the same embarrassing experience at school, Miss Piggy turns her embarrassment into an opportunity to change the way people look at pig tails. The message of this episode is great: you shouldn’t give a crap about what everybody else thinks about you and you should do your own thing. A very empowering message, and we haven’t seen that on the show yet, but it did not benefit the comedy.

Got Silk is again focusing on Miss Piggy, who realizes that despite her popularity, she does not have many friends. Both episodes focused on the relationship between Uncle Deadly and Miss Piggy. I did like seeing that, and I would love to see more of him! It was also fun to see that Uncle Deadly is still taking care of Gloria Estefan, the penguin. And I like it that we still get to see the network executive because it feels like the muppets really want to work together, against him.

Rating S01E12: 7.5/10

Rating S01E13: 7/10

This season of The Muppets still has three episodes. The last two episodes will air back to back on 1 March. As of 8 March, the timeslot will be taken by ABC’s new comedy The Real O’Neals.