Barely Lethal (2015)

At a small age girls are gathered in a secret organisation and trained to become the best agents (assassins)!

With having a rule of no attachments, the lead character Megan wanted to have a life of her own with high school and parties guys etc. 

Capturing the villain (played by Jessica Alba) who she later realised is Agent 1 she cuts loose from the rope and sees an opportunity at a life. 

Taking it, she goes to a family as an exchange student. Obviously she had to use her skills and it went viral bringing attention from her boss and her enemy. 

Knox being the villain escapes with the help of Heather (Sophie from GOT) comes by to kill her and she fails. 

The movie has it’s funny moments and a lot of action. Homecoming too happens and she gets the geek with a helicopter! 

What is actually intriguing is that her exchange mom you can say it went for ‘debriefing’ and that can only mean two things. Let’s assume she was debriefed. 😂

And the movie didn’t end just like setting up for a sequel where Heather wants to eliminate Megan in college.

I give the movie an 8/10!