HTGAWM (S02E11): “She Hates Us”

Review: Previously on HTGAWM: Wes was depressed, Annalise was high and hallucinating about the cutest tv baby ever, Asher was rooming with Connor and Oliver and the Hapstall siblings… still shady! Catherine played along with Annalise and it earned her five years in prison and everything got pinned on a still missing Philip. 

The Keating Five: This week, tensions run high between the students and Annalise, as they try to get back on track and back to normal. Whatever “normal” may be on this show, anyway. The students are under the impression that Annalise hates them (does she ever really like them, though?), and Connor quips that the feeling is mutual, something he doesn’t hide from Annalise later in the episode. Neither does Michaela, when she stands up to Annalise for defending her (guilty) client while framing Catherine for something she didn’t do. The students all turn on Annalise (even Asher!) and walk out on her, while they’re still supposed to be helping her with this week’s case. How rude!
How do they get away with talking to their professor like this?  


The client: But first, Annalise has a new client. And it’s a good one. This week’s case is, in my opinion, one of the most compelling ones featured on this show thus far. It concerns a gangster named Jason Murray, who’s pleaded guilty to the 2nd degree murder of Tyler Robinson. At his plea hearing, the ADA and Annalise are in agreement about the suggested plea deal of 15 years, but the victim’s mother, Joyce Robinson, is insisting on a restorative justice hearing. To everyone’s surprise, Miss Robinson wants the hearing so Jason can get a shorter sentence. While a restorative justice hearing is not usually granted in the case of murder, the judge agrees to the hearing, despite Annalise and the ADA’s protests. 

At the hearing, Jason ends up confessing that Tyler’s death was not an accident at all. Still, Miss Robinson insists on lowering Jason’s sentence. The ADA, however, considers the restorative justice hearing as admissible in court and tries to cancel the deal in favor of seeking the death penalty. Miss Robinson urges Annalise to fight for Jason so that she can heal and so this can not be an “an eye for an eye” situation. Annalise concedes and the ADA offers a deal for life in prison, which Jason accepts, despite Annalise’s protests. But Jason wants to pay for what he did. The following scene between Jason and Miss Robinson is heartbreaking, as she gives him her phone number and comforts him, telling him she wants them to get to know each other. 


Annalise/Wes: But, per usual, this week is about more than just the weekly case. No episode of HTGAWM is complete without messy drama and murder. This week, Annalise is still recovering from being shot by Wes, who Laurel ended up covering for to protect him. I’m starting to think Laurel might just be a sociopath. Annalise visits the doctor, who’s worried about her and insists she talk to someone. Annalise, being Annalise, is too busy for that, though. 
Also visiting the doctor? Still scruffy Wes/Christophe! Wes-tophe can’t sleep and while he’s there for sleeping pills, Wes ends up getting checked into the psych ward because Wes just can’t catch a break. Laurel tries but fails to get him out of there, and Annalise tells her to let him stay there for a while. I kind of agree with her, Wes needs a good nap and a break from (almost) killing people. 


But Wes’s doctor is determined to get to the bottom of his insomnia and whatever must be troubling him. Wes keeps insisting that it’s the pressure of law school – I can attest to this, law school is very very hard – and he doesn’t crack. Smart puppy. Finally, Wes talks to the doctor about the day of his mother’s death and it turns out to be his get-out-of-the-psych-ward-free-card, just as the others show up to break him out. 

Michaela/Caleb: At one point, Caleb shows up on Annalise’s doorstep, asking for her help because his new lawyer sucks. But Annalise is done looking out for him. Before he’s out the door, he runs into Michaela. Longing looks, some mutual slut shaming and accusations, and then Caleb is out the door and I’m hoping it’s not the last I’ve seen of his pretty face…


Connor/Oliver/Asher: Asher is still rooming with Connor and Oliver, sleeping on the couch and getting drunk. Oliver is sick of it, but Connor can’t bring himself to tell Asher to leave, afraid Asher might snap. Throughout the episode, everyone pretty much handles Asher with kid gloves because of it. However, Asher catches on to this. In the car back from the psych ward, he confronts them about it and the Keating five have a conversation about honesty. Very very important, indeed. Who else can you trust but your fellow murder buddies? 


Laurel/Frank: After picking Wes op from the psych ward, Laurel goes to see Frank. When Frank confronts her about not being honest with him, Laurel goes from zero to 100, claiming Frank isn’t her boyfriend because he lies to her on a daily basis. Haah! I think she’s playing Frank, trying to get him to tell her more about Rebecca, and in the end it works. Sort of. Instead of getting info on Rebecca, Frank confesses to killing Lyla! 


The flashbacks: This week’s flashbacks show us a still heavily pregnant Annalise. Guess that was not just a hallucination! Also in the flashbacks? Sam, a young Bonnie (channeling Paris Geller’s hair style) as one of the Keating five, and a younger, doe eyed Frank as Annalise’s secretary/assistent. Bonnie is also a patient of Sam’s and may or may not know a thing or two about having a baby… 

Annalise seems to be experiencing some mild pain and she’s worried something might be wrong. Additionally, she seems to have trouble connecting to the baby, referring to it as “it”, despite them knowing the sex (it’s a boy!). Later, in Cleveland, she meets up with Rose, Wes’s mom, where she shows her a file about Charles Mahoney, a “hedge fund heir on trial for murder”. Because this is very very random, Rose freaks out and Annalise reveals that she’s a lawyer. Rose tries to leave, but Annalise assures Rose that she can help her. I suspect this file somehow led to Rose’s suicide, which is looking more like murder with each passing episode. 


The end: This same file might also end up being the thing that makes Wes-tophe snap, because for some reason (to provide some much needed answers?), Annalise leaves it on his doorstep for him to find! 


The episode ends with a call from Connor to Annalise, where he reveals that he’s received an e-mail, containing a video of the night Annalise got shot. Philip’s back!