The 100: (S03E05) ‘Hakeldama’

After last weeks big plot twist of Pike becoming Chancellor, I expected a lot for the new episode. And I am pleased to say the show gave a strong episode this week. However, part of me did hope that we could have seen the bloodbath or at least the start of it. I know it sounds a bit gruesome but the show needed its old habit of big fight scenes back. Last week’s battle reminded me of the older days and I hoped this week would do the same.

But even without the big action scenes, this week did a solid job at adding to the story and Pike’s influence is fast becoming deadly. I did feel like this episode was to drag out the inevitable. What that inevitable is will hopefully be revealed soon because I honestly thought Lexa would retaliate but Clarke managed to change her mind. That left me in the dark, which I think is a good thing because predicting an outcome is not as exciting as not knowing what happens next.

This week focused a lot on Bellamy and the ties his cutting with his friends. Even Octavia doesn’t know what to do about her brother. I initially was annoyed with Octavia acting like a Grounder but when she crawled into that hole and said she was born for this I remembered that she lived in a hole her whole life and the only time she started living was when they arrived on Earth. So technically Octavia is really a Grounder and since that scene I respect her loyalty to Lincoln and the Grounders.

Even though Bellamy is disappointing me as the season grows, I have this sneaking feeling that Bellamy will turn on Pike someday. Last night Jaha also returned to Arcadia and I loved his little line about the camps name change. However, I kept itching to fast forward whenever he came on screen because I hate his storyline. I feel like the war with the Grounders is good enough and some lady in a red dress is just confusing the plot.

I liked this episode even after all its faults because its finally giving us an idea about what this season is about. I initially thought it would be about the Ice Nation attacking but was proved wrong. Every season of this show is about power and survival. The Skykru haven’t really tried to start a war, the Grounders have always done that for them so this new stand is definitely surprising and new.

Can’t wait to see what the show does next!