Vikings: (S04E01) “A Good Treason”

The most awaited barbaric old times series is back with Ragnar last hit and now recovering.

The main points of this episode included:

  1. The wife wants to be the King and she might try to end Ragnar.
  2. Lagetha has a true ally and her enemies have decreased due to the ambush caused by the Earl.
  3. Floki could be killed but I highly doubt that.
  4. Rollo married the princess of France and later ambushed his own comrades.
  5. The son leaves to survive and prove Ragnar wrong.

With all those in mind, we can create many theories, and one being that Rollo is actually making a play at the French to later ambush them. Sacrifice small for a big reward! Floki won’t die or atleast I hope he doesn’t being the crazy one makes him awesome!

And the usual a cute kid in the show always makes it nice 😂