Arrow: (S04E14) “Code of Silence”  

Election time is coming near, with an entrance from Dark’s wife hearing things up. But seeing that Oliver Queen is having the upper hand the evil strikes in the form of demolition squad!

In one perspective, it is a problem solving episode just like any superhero episode is take a look at The Flash & the very obvious story in Legends of Tomorrow but what makes Arrow special and better than the rest is the fact that it can conceal it in other words the problem and solving is added into the mix with other plot stories in this case being the bombardment of the debate building to kill Oliver and thus making her the only candidate which means she will win and the crowd will support her as he will be the one who survived a bomb!

And the usual Dark continues with his own plans with now having Malcolm on his side, William has been captured and even though he is brought to play with his daughter it is safe to say the next episode will be a blast!

I predict Malcolm turning on Dark again mainly because of Thea and a powerful man doesn’t work for another powerful man instead they want to be the only powerful one. 

Lastly the very stupidest addition to the plot but somethings all Olicity fans loved, Curtis now came up with a way to make Felicity walk. 

So much for the whole almost dying to never walking and now back to normal. It is a good strategy as the fans watch the show now mainly because of the duo and having either one killed results in low ratings.