Fury (2014)

Paying tribute to all those who fought in the war, the movie is based on how the Germans got better tanks and they were taking out the allied powers.

Watching the movie reminded me why I like the history of the world war and basically watching war movies. 

But what killed he movie was how they added the Star Wars style effects on gun shots which is very unrealistic atleast keeping it yellow would have been cool.

The second thing was how much they showed that the group lead by Brad Pitt’s character was brave in reality they were just too brave. 

A tank stops working, a group of 5 people decide to fight an army of 300 Germans. It is being a Hero but it is just too much. There is a time to be a hero and a time to be smart.

The movie of course ends with all characters dying except for Norman as he survives hiding in the sand right below the tank.

An average movie, but it has great cast members which is why many would have watched it.

A solid 7/10. 

*Note about the effects. (Thanks Berto)