Grey’s Anatomy (S12E10): “All I Want Is You”

Review: Last week’s return of Grey’s Anatomy (The Sound Of Silence) was a bit shocking at first. But after a few days the episode grew on me. Yes, it was cruel. Yes, Meredith has definitely had enough crap. But, it actually was also a very good episode. It’s one of those episodes we will remember. And this week’s episode made perfectly clear why we needed a Meredith centered episode, because at this point we don’t have much left except for Meredith. Meredith is putting herself back together with tape and glue, but she is holding together the show with tape and glue as well.

And so this week we see how Meredith (and the rest of the hospital) is dealing with her trauma. Meredith seems more or less okay with it and she just wants everybody to leave her alone. Of course she needs a mandatory therapy session, before she can be cleared for surgery again. And she is being very mature about it. She understands it and she is actually happy (?!) to be there. She is happy to be alive. She is happy about a lot of things. It’s a little frightening to be honest.

Then there is the patient case. This week it is a super smart 15-year-old girl, that wants Alex to come up with a plan to save her life. Alex wants to go for the safest option, but this patient wants more. So she fires Alex, asks around for a second opinion and finds Callie and Maggie, who are willing to perform an experimental (and very dangerous) surgery on her against Alex’ judgement. But Callie and Maggie are going through with it and they succeed.

What else is there to say? I really don’t know what’s going on with Arizona anymore. Arizona without Callie has kind of become an empty character. Arizona and doctor Webber are now going out together? Callie and Penny (Blake) still like each other, but they don’t really seem to talk to each other anymore. Apparently they feel as if Meredith has come between them. April is walking around claiming the hospital is her happy place, because she has nothing left to live for? What happened to God and all his preachers? Can’t she just go sit in the hospital church and pray for whatever instead of playing darts? And if she didn’t ever want to have to sign her own divorce papers, she should have thought about that before shipping herself of to a battlefield, right? She just really needs to move on and stop sobbing about Jackson, because I can’t take this anymore. Then we have Owen and Amelia. If there is even such a thing as Owen AND Amelia. They are just so incredibly boring together. But they did have a conversation this episode. So now we know that Owen once had a sister, who was in love with Riggs. This mysterious sister somehow died and apparently Riggs was there when she died and he may or may not have something to do with her death. Owen blames him anyway. Who’s left? Maggie is still sleeping with her intern, DeLuca. And Jo seems to be avoiding Alex for some reason, because she is probably really scared to be his “post-it” on the wall.

The episode ends when Meredith gets cleared for surgery again. Yay! She doesn’t feel as great anymore as she did before, but tape and glue is holding her together. And as much as the people around her may annoy her, she doesn’t really want to be left alone anymore after all.