Scandal (S05E11): “The Candidate”

Review: Mellie asked for Olivia’s help writing a book. And if someone asks for Olivia Pope, Olivia Pope is what you get…, but Mellie isn’t fully ready for this after all. Because Olivia Pope wants to know why Mellie stayed with Fitz for all of these years. Mellie just can’t seem to find the answer to why she stayed and definitely doesn’t want to talk about this with Olivia. At the same time Olivia doesn’t know why she left Fitz either, after finally living in the White House. And so we get to see ‘drunk Mellie’ again. Drunk Mellie really is the best, at least that’s what I thought. Imagine if drunk Mellie was walking around in Liv’s apartment with a drunk Olivia. Drunk Mellie and drunk Olivia laughing, talking and making fun of Fitz. Together. Realizing Olivia left Fitz for the same reason Mellie stayed. Realizing they were each other’s savior. And then they come up with this amazing new chapter for Mellie’s book, that’ll explain to the American people why Mellie didn’t immediately divorce Fitz after learning about Olivia. Mellie and Olivia really are the dream-team (especially when drunk).

Mellie will need to watch out for Susan Ross though, because she’s now running as a candidate for the Presidency too. Why? Well, obviously she doesn’t want to. She never wanted to. But Elizabeth North is still walking around somewhere and she’s decided she wants to make Susan Ross the new President. Unable to convince Susan herself she made David ask Susan out on a date in exchange for sex. So much for David Rosen and his supposedly white hat.

Somewhere in between we see (the last of?) Cyrus who is standing next to President’s bed in the middle of the night telling him he needs to leave, because his cousin has just died. When did Cyrus ever care this much for his family? Let alone a dead cousin? The White House is his family. Anyway, Fitz being Fitz is unaware of the fact that Cyrus is telling him goodbye (for good). Plus during the day Fitz is too busy asking out the newest journalist in town on a date, because he really just can’t be alone. So Cyrus is going to find himself a new Fitz. Someone who would actually listen to what he has to say. A good thing if you ask me, because Cyrus isn’t Cyrus anymore and I want old Cyrus back.