The Big Bang Theory (S09E16) “The Positive Negative Reaction”

Review: The episode starts where we left off last week: Bernadette tries to find a way to tell Howard that she’s pregnant. When she eventually tells him, Howard is very happy at first, but gets anxious when he thinks of all the things that they need to do before the baby is born. Howard goes over to Leonard and Sheldon’s to tell them and Raj the good news, while Bernadette tells Amy and Penny.

Bernadette isn’t as thrilled about her pregnancy as she initially was because Howard did not react the way she expected, she thought that he would be more excited. The girls try to make her feel better, but because of Bernie’s doctor (she really should get a new one), they really can’t do a lot of fun things.

Howard feels like he shouldn’t be raising kids, because he doesn’t even eat his own vegetables, and when he thinks about what it costs to raise a child, it makes him even more scared. To cheer him up, the guys go out to celebrate. Howard, still trying to find a way to make more money to support his family, comes up with a solution to make Sheldon and Leonard’s helium experiment better. This makes him realizes that he might be a good dad after all.

In the end of the episode they all meet each other at a karaoke bar. Howard apologizes to Bernadette for freaking out earlier and tells her that he’s really excited about becoming a father. And of course, being at a karaoke bar, drinking alcohol, everybody takes the stage to sing a few songs. All these karaoke scenes were hilarious, especially because of the terrible song selection.

This episode had so many great lines and funny situations, it was great! I loved it that the group was separated at first. It had been a long time that we’ve seen the guys and girls separate from each other for the biggest part of the episode. The obvious MVP of this episode was Jim Parsons. Seeing drunk Sheldon is always a lot of fun and this week was no exception. Great and hilarious performance by him, but I thought the whole cast was pretty great this week!

Oh and maybe the funniest reveal of the night is where the baby was conceived: Sheldon’s bed.

Rating: 9.5/10

Next week The Big Bang Theory will air its 200th episode! 🙂