The Martian (2015) 

These kinds of movie not being my cup of tea but it still was great. From the beginning the movie had a good tempo, showing around what each member does and how they operated in Mars.

With the storm coming their ride back to Earth could tilt so they had to leave but the storm hit early meaning that destruction began earlier than expected hitting the one and only person doomed to stay on Mars.

You have to give it to the commander that tried her best to go after him but in a dark sandstorm with little to no way of good sight she had no choice but to leave. 

That lead to the start of The Martian, having food but not for long term and lucky him being a botanist he farms inside the Hab and impresses people back on Earth, he also improved his Rover which never got dirty even after a good long travel. 

Things all go good in the middle of the story, which means bad is about to happen and it did!

The pressure stabliser area malfunctions exploding and creating a huge hole, water boils at 0 pressure meaning that all his food that he had planted the second time were dead and he had rations left till day 568.

Back on Earth a rescue mission began, failing thanks to the speed they wanted not making scanning and check on it but luckily we saw that China helps out! 

This starts a United States – China space team and well they give their resources.

Having two options one being sending the Chinese rocket (don’t know what it’s called) with food supplies to Mars and let Wyatt wait it out till the Area 5 crater is sent with an extraction in route. The other option being sending back his team to get him but first passing by through Earth to pick up the food supply then they go back to Mars.

The Game of Thrones early leaver (Sean Bean) leaks then team that they have a way to extract Wyatt and they set their course for that forcing the hand of the NSA.

Being a Hollywood movie, they rescue him and yes not that easily as both the commander and Wyatt leave into space and boom Wyatt is back!

And it ends with him now old selecting new austranauts and training them.

It was a great movie, some may say it is slow but then what can you expect from someone stuck in Mars. Moreover it is amazing how creative many human minds can be and when we decide to join forces and be friends how much we can achieve than being enemies.

Great movie worth a watch. 8/10