The Middle (S07E15) “Hecks At A Movie”

Review: The Hecks go to the movies, and Brick joins them for the very first time. They go to the movie Flatlands that was partially shot in Orson (well, sort of…), so the whole town goes out to watch it. Armed with their snacks and drinks from the Frugal Hoosier, the Hecks get to the theater and meet their neighbors there. Mike gets really annoyed with Frankie who keeps interrupting Bill Norwood who’s telling a story, and his annoyance grows until the point that he snaps at her for interrupting again. This pisses Frankie off, and she stays mad until they get home because she does not want to fight in front of their friends (no matter how much Mike tries to apologize to her).

A trailer of a Planet Nowhere movie ruins Brick’s first experience at the theater. As an avid reader of the books, he is very disappointed by the cast and wants the movie not to be shown in the theaters. But when he can’t convince the guy who’s running the projector to not show it, he realizes that he “needed to take a stand, so he took the stand” that was advertising for the Planet Nowhere film. When later Mike tells him this is not ok and that he has to accept that people can see things differently from each other, they bring the stand back to the theater.

Meanwhile, Sue bumps into Logan at the theater. The last time we saw him was when they tried to find Brick together at the college campus, but then lose each other. Instead of watching the movie, Sue and Logan spend the time together outside of the theater, talking and kissing. But then Logan confesses to her that he has been thinking of changing his major so that he can become a priest. After a heart to heart with God, Sue realizes that she can’t keep Logan from his dream. Poor Sue. As if she hasn’t had enough problems in love, or in life in general, now she’s again losing a guy who likes her. However, I doubt that we’ve seen the last of Logan, especially because he wasn’t sure yet if he was going to become a priest, but we will have to wait and see.

Axl only has a small storyline this week. He and Sean are also in the theater and start reminiscing about their first kisses and find out that they actually shared their first kiss together. After telling each other that they’ve gotten much better at it, it kind of left things awkward between the two friends, but I don’t think this story will really have a continuation.

To get back to Frankie and Mike’s fight, when they finally get home, Frankie is ready to give Mike a piece of her mind, until she sees that all their digital pictures from the past 7 years, that they lost at Christmas are back: “Sometimes fights just end that way. You think you’re mad, but then you realize other stuff’s more important.”.

I really enjoyed Atticus in this episode, his line delivery was really hilarious. I especially liked how his mood changed from overly excited to angry when he saw the Planet Nowhere preview. I was already hoping that at some point this season, the pictures would turn up and I’m very happy that they did! The Middle keeps being the best comedy when it comes to continuation and callbacks! To see Frankie this angry, is not really her best side, so let’s hope that it won’t happen too often. Oh and by the way, I was totally on Mike’s side.

Rating: 9/10