The Originals: (S03E13) “Heart Shaped Box”

Another episode another 40 minutes! 

With the whole trying to break the Sire line, Devina managed to get Kol for some time and Arya wanted information which turns out was a heart of a non sire. 

Marcel the smart guy ends up getting Jackson’s (writers are good) and thus not killing Hayley. 

While all this happens Aurora captures Freya and then shoots her and hides her in a box under the ground thing is she put the wolf’s bane and many dug graves making it hard for Klaus to get her. Meanwhile she was with Elijah waiting for Klaus to show to kill him two get the pleasure of killing to birds with a shot. Her brother dies and Klaus gets pissed and sad. 

Freya managed to save Elijah and due to their pact to kill Aurora Klaus went after her. Ending complicated things isn’t a strong suit of Klaus which is why he didn’t pull the trigger and all the while Aurora managed to get hold of the gun with the white oak bullets. 

Her plan was Elijah and she does shoot him and Klaus for once decided to save his brother and not go after his enemy. And they had a moment the whole family! 

Arya being the cunning smart woman she is now is an ally of Aurora! 

All that happened and I am here thinking when is next week ending again?! 😂