The Vampire Diaries: (S07E13) “This Woman’s Work”

With Jullian killed off from the present he still is in the past and as we have seen this season has had a triple time frame. Past present and future.

With Enzo brining the Vampire Huntress into the picture, the whole story now changes as she has had history with Jullian and other heretics.

It is safe to say that we see a very unlikely situation the heretics helping Stefen and Caroline to give magic to make sure the twins don’t resist coming out. But then they leave once they realise that the huntress is here and ready to kill and she does get the person she came for who she hit before.

Her sword that caused hell for everyone is her source of power and the sacrifice they made on her behalf as she joined the group. Her link to Jullian is that he compels her to kill her own father.

And since her sword wasn’t with her, she got it by capturing Enzo and Enzo being Enzo cares about himself blackmails Damon into bringing the sword and well him being Damon also accepts it as he doesn’t want to loose his friend.

This episode actually reminded me of the old times a bit with some story actually coming out although I still do think that the future timeline is kind of messed up.

Speaking of the future, in 3 years Caroline is seen taking her children to New Orleans to her friend. And we can all agree Klaus will meet Caroline. It has already been said that there will be a crossover soon.

This was a great episode! I have to give credit where it’s due!