Batman Begins (2005)

I am 11 years late into watching the Batman movies, you may ask why didn’t you ever watch it and my reply is it just never came up and I never had it. 

After dozens of reminders and being told that Batman movies are the best superhero movie ever I decided to watch it.

Since I watch Gotham so it is kind of familiar for me already seeing Falcone & Marone at the same time having Jim Gordon around.

But honestly the cast members in Gotham are better suited as Falcone, Marone & even Gordon.

Having a fear of bats makes them leave the theatre and his parents are killed, the rage inside him forever and he tries to get justice by getting inside jails and wanting to get more information.

He is then found by one of the members of the Ra’s Al Ghul army. He trains him and teaches him and on the day he was being given his mark and told to destroy Gotham, Bruce declines and ends up blowing up the whole compound killing Ra’s in the process but he saves his friend.

That became the start of Batman!

Going back to Gotham he uses the technology made by his company to fight bad guys and in this movie he takes down Falcone.

His love life takes a toll as Rachel isn’t interested in him as the Batman, but his business life goes back to great as he buys a majority of shares from his company and then hires Mr. Fox as the new CEO.

Great movie, especially seeing how he started out and how he found the cave. Excited to see the Joker next!