The Dark Knight (2010)

Leaving off from the last movie, a new villain is in town and one that also uses a mask in the way of make-up known as Joker. 

Having no friends but a brilliant mind as he managed to get the attention of all mobs in Gotham. 

You can actually see how he plays his tricks at the start when they rob a mob bank. Everyone wears clown masks and as each one completes his task he is shot by someone till the end where the one in the bus kills the last one and we see a Joker energy from a clown mask as he kills the bus driver and joins the whole row filled with buses.

Having the thrill of enjoyment and pain of others money has no value to him, he begins his plans and visits the mob meeting where he storms away with bombs in his suit. 

Bruce with his mask on hits the whole mob hard and they all go to jail, this leads to the mob hiring Joker to end Batman. 

He begins his plans by hitting a mob who put a bount on his head and eliminating him, and after that he begins to target all cops or judges that were involved in the case of the mobs.

Batman not being able to beat Joker at his game, constantly is picking up after the mess left rather than go after the Joker himself.

At the same time his love interest Rachel is now interested in Kent who is the new hero with a face of Gotham as he has been prosecuting all the mobs.

After the joker has got all his targets, he shows up at the fund raiser of Bruce where he threw a pet in honour of Kent to impress Rachel. 

Bruce locks Kent up and tells Rachel to remain hidden and goes after his armour and suit. Being who she is Rachel goes out there only to be caught by Joker who loves telling his line ‘Do you know how I got the scars?’ 

Batman shows up does some fighting and well Joker throws Rachel and he saves her proving to the Joker later onwards when they planned to capture Joker by using Kent as a bait.

The plan was simple, Kent decided to be a hero and pretend to be Batman all the while Joker goes after him Batman is there to capture him. 

Things go according to plan, but Jim Gordon who faked his death earlier protecting the Mayor saves Batman and Joker is captured. 

In jail, being a smart guy he has a person with a phone that will result in a bomb, Batman visits him and he tells him that his two friends are captured and he will only be able to save one of them.

Giving their locations but changing them, Bruce wanted to save Rachel but ended up saving Kent and Rachel blew into pieces. Kent got a half of his face burnt.

It is safe to say that Joker is a brilliant mind as he manages to get to Kent as well by threatening the life of Reese who knew Batman’s identity.

Getting to Kent and then exploding the hospital he now adds another plan where two boats one with criminals and another with civilians have bombs and each one has the detonator of the other.

I think they each had their own detonator but we didn’t find out as it turns out noone pressed the button. 

That being said, Joker with another plan of dressing hostages in clowns and doctors as his men awaits at the top of the building with three dogs. Batman does his job and saves them all as usual but doesn’t kill Joker.

After getting information about Kent from Joker he goes after him and at the end sacrifices his reputation as a bad man to keep the hope alive in Gotham. 

This movie was simply amazing because of The Joker his brilliance and mastermind. A good villain always makes the movie awesome!