Shameless (S06E07): “Pimps Paradise”


In tonight’s episode Kev and V said good bye  to their refugee kids. Although turns out after looking after them they didn’t get any cash from it. But things weren’t too bleak for them anyways as Kev arranges for them to go on a vacation. While the hotel might not be the best, It’s the thought that counts right? Well V loved it even though the whole time Kevin was on edge. It seems like forever since they had a moment to themselves so I’m glad that they had this episode.

Back to the Gallagher’s causes that’s what Shameless is about. They secured they house again, thanks to Carl’s generosity. Although because of that, it’s his ‘Crib’ now so while Fiona is out all sorts of improvements to house so to speak are made. 

Turns out Chucky’s Grandmother Queenie and Frank go way back.  Seriously just when you thought Frank couldn’t get any more repulsive and annoying, he does. They have the most unusual dynamic, plus they have absolutely no sense of privacy, they don’t care who’s watching. Plus I’m just not sure about her character in general, like shes come in, and its like shes taking Fiona’s place.

Meanwhile, Ian’s new firefighter boyfriend invites him as his date to a wedding. To soon maybe? I doubt it, not in this show. Turns out he really wanted him there so he could make his family more aware to homosexuality, which does not please his Minister father. Although Ian is upset at first, he loves the idea, the dance scene was pretty awesome. Things are looking up for Ian so hopefully we will only see it get better from here.

Turns out while Lip was having it good, he isn’t any more. After being kicked out of his dorm and losing his job cause of vandalism. He isn’t very optimistic to say the least, the breakup with Helene is really affecting him, even after he fixes his living situation. 

Okay Debbie was really ready to take a whole lot of steps to ensure that she had a place to raise her baby. While I have never seen her more desperate, I was kinda annoyed at her for being so willing to go to those lengths. I also felt bad for her I mean she’s believes that’s the only way she can help herself. Which I guess she has Frank to thank that for, I mean she’s been taking the wrong advise clearly.

I really miss the days when Debs was young and she looked up to and cared about Fiona’s opinion. It seems like none of her siblings care much about what she has to say this season though, they’ve lost faith in her, that’s why there all on there own. 

So if you’ve been reading these you’ll know I really love Sean’s relationship with Fiona. He’s really good to her, even though he may not support everything she does he’s still there for her. Which is awesome, especially when he ask her to move in. After admitting that she finally likes being in the middle of the Gallagher’s chaos turns out that they don’t quite feel the same way anymore. The lice scene at the end is endearing and sweet. Plus she finally got her spaghetti.