The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Being the bad person to maintain hope in the city, Batman retired and now Bruce was stuck in his room for eternity.

That is until Selina comes in as a maid and steals his fingerprints along with his mother’s necklace.

That brought him out of his depression and he went after her, saving her life in the process once even though she betrayed him once more.

The fingerprints were used to get Bruce broke by buying and selling assets in the stock exchange at a loss. 

The new villain being Bane who was the protector of the daughter of Ra’s (Talia) in the prison. 

Talia managed to escape with the help of Bane. But her mother didn’t. She went to her father and when she saw that’s Bruce didn’t save him she wanted to honor his death by completing his task which was to destroy Gotham.

She was going to use the nuclear reactor that Bruce was using to make clean water but use it as a bomb.

The Hollywood theatrics happen as they fight it out always, of course Selina took Bruce to a trap where he got beaten up by Bane then thrown into the same dungeon that he and Talia where in.

After hearing stories, he always thought Bane escaped and when he managed to escape and hit Bane he was blind sighted by Talia who he trusted as his board member to keep the reactor safe.

The whole flying car of his was already fixed into auto-pilot but he didn’t tell that to anyone to keep people thinking he is dead of course only a few people know.

And Jim finally realised it’s Bruce. At the end Alfred gets his dream as he sees Bruce with Selina and the new cop hot head gets the coordinate to the Bate cave leading to the rise of Robin.

This is by far the best movie of the trilogy but the best villain is Joker for sure. What actually sucked was how punching Bane in his face thingy made him go in pain something which Batman only did at the end. 

Another part was how they showed that Selina took out Bane with the motorbike of Batman. Leading you to wonder why didn’t he try that before? 

But great movie!