The Walking Dead: (S06E10) “The Next World”

Going out for food and medicine supply, they stumble upon this place that has a huge truck awaiting for someone. Filled with so many items they take it and head towards a gas station.

Finding a man who is called by his friends ‘Jesus’ steals the truck and them being the main characters they start to run after it.

Basically most of the movie they keep running after it. Meanwhile his son is out on the woods with Edith when suddenly Diane’s zombie appears, and Carl decides to mess with it taking it to Michone & the son of Diane.

The son had been searching for his mother for closure and he had his closure.

Back to Daryl & Rick they find the Jesus guy and beat him up. Showing how humans stick together, the Jesus guy saves Daryl from a walker and thus they take him back to camp as the food truck  hit the lake and hit the Jesus guy as well.

Carl has a good moment with Michone and the whole part they were waiting happened. New ship!

I honestly think they stretched out the whole Michone & Rick story too long, she was basically like the mother of the child already. The episode was kind of useless except for the introduction do the Jesus character and spending an entire episode for it kind of seems stupid unless he is going to be an integral part of the series this making a whole episode for him. He knows how to fight, a survivor and he looked clean and all. There is more to him.

The other part which was also kind of pointless was showing the killing of Diana, like all this episode two things happened only.

Hopefully next week is the bomb.