True Story Movie Review (2015)

In a story that is filled with deception and pure crazy agendas, this movie keeps you guessing all the way til the end. The movie I’m reviewing today is ‘True Story’ based on a true story.

In the movie True Story, we are first introduced to a dead body in a suitcase having a teddy bear thrown in at the last minute before its being zipped up. We are then taken to an international country looks like Africa but couldn’t say for sure were we meet Mike Finkel (Jonah Hill) whose a journalist for the New York Times doing a story on the abuse that the workers are suffering through their work while working in the coco fields. When Mike returns to the states the next day he writes up the story for the Times while playing a poker game with his buddies. When Mike returns to work the next day he becomes fired from work because of fabricating the story; meanwhile in Mexico a man by the name of Chris Longo (James Franco) impersonates as Mike Finkel (no one knows why) but Chris Longo then gets arrested for the murder of his wife and three kids. When Mike finds out that some killer has been using his identity  he becomes intrigued and curious to know why.  Mike works on writing a book about what happened to Chris hoping that his true story will be enough to make him look innocent until things in the trial go sideways and it makes Mike look like an idiot. Mike eventually writes the book after the trial is over and after he got the confession from Chris before his death sentence.

Truth be told this movie had a lot of people guessing and wondering if Chris really did do the crime or if he was innocent but then again what criminal doesn’t pull that. This movie was really good though, and I truly loved how Jonah Hill and James Franco played their characters so well. This movie was just fantastic and I would recommend people to watch this movie. I would give this film a 4 out of 5 stars for such a great story even though it was based on a true story it was still such a great story to tell such mystery in it.

True Story is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray and you might be able to find it on Netflix