Scorpion (S02E17): “Adaption”


In tonight’s episode of Scorpion, we see that Walter and Toby are still seeing a therapist. Whilst there, its revealed that Happy and Toby are in a relationship.  Which doesn’t sit well with Walter, so he gives them an ultimatum that they have to break up or quit Team Scorpion.

Tonight’s mission involves Team Scorpion working to stop an influx of drugs being smuggled into the country via drones. Since the reveal about Happy and Toby’s relationship, Walter’s first priority is the mission, so he keep them apart, so Toby is left at the office with Paige. Turns out it’s not for the best, because his medical skills are always handy, and they are indeed needed in tonight’s episode. 

After the agent is hit without Toby on the scene, he is forced to talk Happy and Sylvester through it to save his life, turns out that his distraction to Happy is what helped them save a mans life. Okay so Scorpion usually has a lot of intense action sequences but tonight had a quite a few again, especially with the drones, and the dynamic of the team, it was on another level.

Finally Toby and Happy decided together, that they would both stay on and work with Team Scorpion, and Walter just had to deal with the new situation and evolve with it. I really loved seeing them work together in tonight’s episode, even though they weren’t together so to speak, it was really nice. Its one of my favorite thing about this show, and I think Scorpion does a good job with the relationships on this show. Plus my favorite part of the night has to be when Toby uses their couple/ship name Quintis.

Anyways I loved tonight’s episode, as always there really good, I cant wait for next weeks episode. There’s only a couple more episodes to go, but hopefully we’ll see a renewal for Scorpion when CBS releases all that news.