Superstore (S01E11): “Labor”


In tonight’s episodes of Superstore Cheyenne is finally expecting her baby, and although she finally has it she refuses to stop working as Cloud 9.  What makes the situation upsetting is that employees at Cloud 9 do not get paid maternity leave.

So we all know Jonah, and this news doesn’t sit well with him. His persistence in this situation leads to him and Amy contacting corporate for a change. Although Amy knows this isn’t going to work she still goes along with it, when making the call, Jonah mentions the word “union” and Amy mentions the word “strike”. This sends corporate into a frenzy which results them sending a representative in.

To make matters worse Glenn suspends Cheyenne for giving birth in Cloud 9 for 6 six weeks, obviously that’s not the reason why. Even though Glenn had good intentions, the corporate representative doesn’t see it that way and he fires him.

Even though Glenn isn’t taking it well, he recommends Amy to take over his job and even though she accepts it. Amy isn’t ready to let him go, so she gets all the workers to take a stand and stop working. This doesn’t end well though since they all get fired and Dina takes over the store as manager which cheers her right up.

I’m so freaking psyched that Superstore was RENEWED for a SEASON 2!! Its so well deserved, I’m so excited since this was one of the best new comedies for 2016.