Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S03E17): “Adrian Pimento”

Review: There’s a new detective at the Nine-Nine! Or, an old detective who’s back after 12 years. Adrian Pimento went undercover for 12 years, working for a mobster called ‘Jimmy the Butcher’ and now he’s having trouble adjusting to being himself again. And Jake, seeing as he’s had his own experiences as an undercover cop (for 63 whole days!), is the perfect partner for Pimento. Or so, he thinks.

Rosa warns Jake about Pimento, because she’s attracted to him and she’s only attracted to creeps. Obviously, this means Pimento is bad news. Jake quickly notices that Pimento has more trouble transitioning than expected. He simply doesn’t know who he is anymore; the only other job he’s ever had was working as a bag boy!

When Jake and Pimento work their case, a breaking and entering, Jake starts suspecting that Pimento is still working for the mob. In the end, it turns out he really has a reasonable explanation for every shady thing he’s done. Pimento quits the job, saying he can’t do this. Jake finds him at the grocery store, reliving his days as a bag man. Jake fails to convince Pimento to come back… Until Pimento surprises Jake when he’s about to arrest the suspect! I’m liking this new bromance!

To welcome Pimento, Charles has prepared him a goat stew. But when this – quite literally – blows up in his face, he’s forced to ask the precinct’s custodian for help in cleaning up the mess. The custodian, referred to as Mean Marge (played by The Office’s Kate Flannery), refuses to clean up for the cops yet again. Especially after Charles manages to insult her by implying they don’t even need her! And, so, the Nine-Nine is stuck with trash bags and more trash bags flooding the office and making it impossible for them to work. It’s the grossest thing Terry, who lives in a house with three kids under the age of four, has ever seen! But everyone – including Holt!- is terrified of Mean Marge. But all Mean Marge really wants is respect. And for them to know her last name. Which is NOT “Mopbucket” as Scully suggests. Eventually, Charles apologizes and they name the break room after Marge to win her over. It works!

Holt, meanwhile, asks for Gina’s help in creating a “fun and informational” video starring himself and Rosa so the precinct can apply for a grant. Gina, having been “re-vined” by Rob Kardashian once, is the perfect person for the job! But their views on the video differs; while Holt wants a video suited for their application, Gina decides that what they need is a little “pzazz”. Smoke machine, a horse, the whole works. Very un-Holt-and-Rosa-like. When this doesn’t work out, Gina hires actors to portray Holt and Rosa.

When Holt finds out, he gets angry and fires Gina as director. Later, Holt finds out that Gina sent in a video anyway. She shows him the video she sent, with real audio of Holt’s “meltdown” when he fired Gina. It’s tragic and beautiful with a Sarah McLachlan-soundtrack!