Fresh Off The Boat (S02E14) “Michael Chang Fever”

Review: Emery has been my favorite kid on the show, so seeing an episode that completely focuses on him was a lot of fun.

Emery shows an interest in tennis, after seeing Michael Chang play at the Australian Open. When he goes out to play and seems to be a natural, Louis and especially Jessica try to encourage him to play tennis (instead of following his dream of becoming a flight attendant, the “homeless of the sky”). By the way, tennis is totally Emery’s sport, since “the scoring system is based on love”. But when Jessica and Louis get too involved, he fires them as his coaches and replaces them by Billie Jean King, who has seen him play. Emery wins the tennis tournament, and gets an offer to play at a tennis academy, but he declines because the academy is too far away, and he would miss his family. Both Louis and Jessica realize that they have to embrace the kid they have, and if Emery wants to follow his dream of becoming a flight attendant, they should just let him do that.

Meanwhile, Eddie tries to help out Evan who is being picked on by a classmate, who wants to have his pogs (Oh man, I remember pogs!). Eddie’s advice for him doesn’t help, so he and his posse decide to talk to the bully. When they find out it’s a girl (named Stacey), Eddie is very surprised. But he is even more surprised when he hears that she didn’t just want Evan’s pogs, no she actually won them in a game. Evan confesses to Eddie that he’s an addict and Eddie agrees to help him out. They ask Stacey to come over to the Huang house so that Grandma Huang can win Evan’s pogs back in a final rematch. It was nice to see Eddie help out his little brother and to see the two brothers bond.

Constance Wu and Randall Park are always on the top of their game, and Lucille Soong is always funny in her role as Grandma Huang, but this week the kids did fantastic as well. Hudson Yang had some great deadpan reactions in this episode, which really made me laugh out loud. Ian Chen did great work in the scenes with his ‘bully’. And Forrest Wheeler carried this Emery-centered episode and did that very well. Oh and he definitely pulled off that success perm! A hilarious episode, with great performances by the whole cast!

Rating: 9.5/10