Hellsing Ultimate 5-8 Movie Review (2012)

Just like how I said in my last review, the story is better and it gets better and darker with these volumes. In these volumes there is a lot more blood shed, a lot more chaos and a lot more Alucard!

In these volumes of Hellsing Ultimate, we meet different villains and we meet much darker storylines. Alucard (Crispin Freeman) is trapped out on sea, so its now the fate of the world is depending upon his master Integra Farbrook Wingates Hellsing (Victoria Harwood) and the vampiric police woman Seras Victoria (K.T. Gray) with the mercenaries who vowed to help the Hellsing Organization to fight against the villains known as Zorin Blitz, Enrico Maxwell, Father Anderson (returns), and The Major who is the top villain. The Major’s plans are set in motion, the city of London is being burned alive and the citizens are being turned into Ghouls the Hellsing Organization needs to eradicate them all. With the city all in a blaze, Ghouls running through the streets and all of the Hellsing Organization blocked in at the Hellsing Manor, Integra and Walter are all on their own in the city trying to save whats left of it. Enemies then become allies when Integra is in need the Holy Order comes to help eradicate all of the evil vampires made by a mad scientist. Will the city be saved? Will London ever exist again? Will I stop asking questions so you can just read everything…maybe!

As I said before this remake anime movie series was way better, the music is also an improvement especially when it gets to volume 8, because it reveals the true identity of Alucard and we also see tragedy hit with Seras Victoria, and we see a major piece of Seras’s past of why she wanted to become a police officer and what drove her to be the best or at least try to be the best. Like I said before this anime movie series is literally dark and great and you all should watch it!

I give these volumes 5 out of 5 stars again for once again great story telling and staying true to the manga! All you anime lovers should literally  give this series a try!

Hellsing Ultimate volume 5-8 is on Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack only Go Watch it!