Hellsing Ultimate 9-10 Movie Review (2014)

Holy Crap! It finally came ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who are aware it took longer than normal for these last two volumes to be released to the American public. Why? Well I’ll tell you, the original production company Geneon was thrown out of business here in America, but the Japanese version of the company stayed standing. So because of Hellsing not having a production company to continue it, the production of the volumes were shut down for the longest time, until Funimation came and renewed the contract to finish the last volumes of Hellsing for the die hard fans. So let me proudly give you the final Anime Movie Review of Hellsing Ultimate!

In these volumes its become a mission to end all chaos in London, sadly it does come with a price but I will get to that later. Betrayals have been made, Enemies have been vanquished and the ex-vampire king stands strong in between  a fight of a dear friend by the name of Walter who chose to side with the enemy at last minute becoming a young vampire former version of himself. But then again who wouldn’t want to become a vampire, especially if you became a major badass. But this wasn’t the case, tears were shed, and Im pretty sure hearts were broken by this betrayal; but Walter told the last of the Hellsing Organization that hes been planning this betrayal ever since he lead Integra to awaken Alucard all those years ago. But while Alucard takes care of the traitor, Integra and Seras step foot onto the zeppelin to finish the battle. The duo fight together killing the vampire slaves on the ship, until they are forced to separate. It then become a fight between Seras Victoria and The Warewolf, they’re battle was glorious and brutal. But in the end Seras defeated the Warewolf with a single silver bullet. Meanwhile on the battlefield Alucard continues to fight Walter until he came up with the idea to drink in more blood from the battlefield which allowed him to suck in the body of Schrodinger (yes I got the joke too the Schrodinger Cat) which gives Alucard a bit of trouble. Alucard then begins to see all of his past lives in front of him which he takes as a sign to go into his year on sleep. Alucard disapears and the Hellsing Organization is on its own, will Integra and Seras finish what was started and defeat the Major? Or Will this be the end of the Hellsing Organization? Find out by watching the volumes!

I gotta say when I first watched these volumes all I could be was happy, and excited and just jumping with excitement! This movie series was literally the best there is and I am honored to say that I am glad that I was introduced to the world of Hellsing when I was younger. Its because of being introduced to this anime series that made me love vampires again especially during the time these were coming out those horrible twilight things were being brought out. But by watching these volumes it was a good ending to a great story!

I would give these volumes again 5 out of 5 stars for such a great storyline and great musical score!

Hellsing Ultimate volume 9-10 is on Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack only!