Shadowhunters (S0107): “Major Arcana”


So Shadowhunters is one of those shows which gets with time and each week it has got better, they really delivered this week. Also with the preview of next weeks episode, we’re really starting to get a lot more content out of the books. 

We pick up right off were we left off, and finally Clary has figured out were the mortal cup. Turns out that it’s in the good hands of Luke, who took Clary’s stuff out of the house before he and Jocelyn set her room on fire.

I’m a little surprised that they’ve already delved right into the Maureen and Simon relationship, so quickly.

Anyways turns out that Luke is now being invested in a murder case, and he’s there lead suspect. So getting her mum’s taro cards turns out to be a harder job than first anticipated. I enjoy all the moments Alec and Izzy share, especially when they go into the precinct to distract a police officer, plus it was so cool how Alec flicked the access card to Izzy. 

The distraction that Clary comes up with to get into Luke’s office is hilarious, I loved it. Back to Simon who’s paranoia is just growing as time goes by, its becoming increasingly worse as he’s having all sorts of hallucinations, with the fear that he’s turning into a vampire.

Once our favorite Shadowhunters are back together, they come up with a plan of how to get the cards, and its a go from there.  Though with Demons crawling all over the police precinct, its still a tough job since they cant hide themselves. 

My highlight of tonight’s episode has got to be Simon freaking out about turning, also just the fact that we got to meet Simon’s sister. Alberto did such a excellent job in tonight’s episode, his performance was amazing, just how I imagined it and more.

Also we finally got the Clace kiss that we’ve been waiting for, I loved the confrontational scene with Clarly and the shape shifter pretending to be Jace, this scene was so DAMN intense. But Katherine did a terrific job in this scene, it was probably one of the best performances she’s had so far this season.