Teen Wolf: S05E18 ” The Maid of Gevaudan”

This episode was a killer. Made my heart pace so fast & it ended with my mouth in a steady O. With just two more episodes left, the series is not holding anything back anymore. Its action packed & surprise after surprise with every single turn. Before the opening theme began I remember screaming WTF when I saw Crystal Reed make an appearance in this episode. The episode took us to the 1700’s where the first ever beast appears and Allison’s ancestor Marie (played by Allison of course) is a hunter who is given the task by her brother & the town to kill the beast. During the course of her hunt she realises that the beast is indeed her brother who transformed into a werewolf by drinking out of a paw print of a wolf. Her brother unfortunately has no issues with killing anyone & so begins Marie’s journey to forge a weapon & a journey that lasts 3 years to find, hunt & kill her brother.

While we go through flash backs of the story of Allison’s ancestors, Scott & the rest of the pack keep fighting the beast off who has now entered the school & is on the hunt to kill anyone who comes across his path. Scott tries & holds him off till his pack joins him & helps him out but in the mean time the beast escapes as usual but Scott manages to get his scent.

Scott and Liam finally tracked down those bloody sneakers in Mason’s car and realized that Mason was the secret teenager trapped inside the Beast, just before Corey appeared to whisk a confused Mason away. I cannot believe that it comes down to it being Mason. I love him & I will be so sad once his gone for good if that ends up being his plight. And from what we know once the Beast remembers his original identity, the teenager inside is forgotten.

I can’t wait till next weeks episode to find out what’s going to happen but I am sure its going to be a killer episode. (Literally)