The Flash (S02E15) “King Shark”

Wow Wally West really? Jealous much of Barry! Anyway had to get that out there it kinda bugged me a bit seeing Wally being such a douche to Barry.

In this episode Diggle and Lyla come to Central City to warn Barry of an aquatic enemy coming his way. The aquatic enemy is yup you guessed it King Shark; who is still on Zoom’s mission in killing the Flash and returning in a glory on Earth-2 as the one who killed the Flash. But with everything that is going on Barry seems distracted, he can’t focus on just King Sharks death threat or mission or whatever you call it, I guess it would be mission. Earlier in the episode Harrison Wells told Barry and Cisco to not tell anyone of this Earth about their Earth-2 doublegangers, because that life doesn’t matter and everything that happened there according to Harrison or Harry said their lives on this earth do not need to be weighed or changed because of what they saw on Earth-2. Even though Caitlin seems very on frost, very chilled, very cold with her actions after witnessing Jay getting a hand ripped through his chest. But eventually with Caitlin getting really crazy eyed with Cisco, he finally cracked and told Caitlin about her Earth-2 doubleganger and how much she seems to be going over onto that side, but like always Caitlin assures Cisco that she will never be like what he saw on Earth-2 and theres nothing to worry about. Then Joe and Iris make Barry crack, no I’m not kidding the kid actually cracked like an egg basket crying and all about what happened on Earth-2, so Barry told them a he cried his eyes out.

The only thing I found interesting about the episode was that King Shark tracked Barry even when he wasn’t the flash and he mentioned he smelled his sent. But now we know who Zoom is or at least the face of Zoom. But if you remember back in an early episode Jay told Caitlin that on Earth-1 that there are twins Jay and Hunter (who was adopted by the Zolomons) but that other twin not sure in where he ended up. But it makes you wonder is Zoom, Hunter Garrick on Earth-2 and perhaps  that man in the ask is the real Jay or perhaps Mercury Max like how some fans assume; I guess we will see soon enough. I hope you all enjoyed this episode as much as I have!

Next episode: The Flash (S2 E16)-Trajectory will air on March 22, 2016 (so we have a little wait quite a bit for the next new episode)