The Muppets (S01E14) “Little Green Lie”

Review: Kermit’s nephew Robin is coming over for a visit. He’s had a tough time since the breakup of his parents, and Kermit doesn’t want to disappoint him and tell him that he and Miss Piggy broke up as well. Therefore they pretend to be still together and all the muppets are in on this little lie, except Scooter, who isn’t great at lying, so they tell him that they are back together. But when Scooter tweets about Piggy and Kermit’s reconciliation, the press wants to hear all about it. Of course Piggy and Kermit inform them that they are not a couple, and when Robin overhears this, he is devastated. Piggy and Kermit try to explain to him that they didn’t tell him about the breakup for his own good. Robin tells them that he doesn’t like how everything is changing, but when they tell him that nothing really changes because he can still hang out with both of them, he feels better. Later, when Piggy and Kermit are hanging out in the bar, there is a lot of chemistry between them, but nothing happens.

Meanwhile, Rizzo and Pepe are looking for a new wing man now that Gonzo is back together with Camilla the Chicken. They have a few candidates lined up, but none of them seems to be right for them, and Rizzo and Pepe really start to miss Gonzo. Lucky for them Camilla allows Gonzo to go out, but by the time he arrives at Rowlf’s bar, Pepe is already drunk, reminiscing about their good times with Gonzo. But both he and Rizzo are very happy to see that Gonzo can still hang out with them.

I liked this episode. It had hilarious lines and the stories were fun. I like it that they are hinting to getting Miss Piggy and Kermit back together because I really want them to. Like Robin said: They are meant to be together. My favorite character of this week was definitely Pepe. I thought he was very funny, especially in his drunk scenes. This was the funniest episode after the winter break, and one of the funniest of this season.

Rating: 8.5/10

Next week, the Muppets will air the two final episodes of this season (tune in 1 March, 8-9 EST on ABC). The show’s fate is still undecided. We will hear about its renewal or cancellation in May.