The Shannara Chronicles (S01E09): “Safehold”


With only one more episode to go, The Shannara Chronicles has been delivering such EPIC episodes each week coupled with brilliant acting. I cant describe how excited I am for the season finale, and to see what the whole team behind the brilliance of Shannara has got in store for us next season. It has has still yet to be confirmed, although in my opinion, ITS A MUST for MTV. 

Okay seriously if you’ve been watching this show from the start you’ll have to agree with me that the cinematography for Shannara is beyond comprehension. It has got to be the BEST for a new fantasy show that I’ve seen in a while and on TV . It’s so well done, it might as well be movie quality, that’s how freaking great it looks.

Time is running out, but Wil, Amberle and Eretria finally made it to Safehold, since the bridge is no longer in tact, they decide to under through a tunnel to reach the Bloodfire.

So you can ship whoever you want on shows, that’s never been a problem, and while I myself can get way to emotional invested in one. The friendship of these three has got to be my favorite relationship on the show, they had such a rocky start. But its amazing to see how far they have come in only 9 episodes, and yet it doesn’t seem rushed. That’s what a good job the writers have done with the character development and story line.

Seems like Bandon and Allanon’s training has been coming along, although its taking quite a toll on Bandon, the effect that the Dagda Mor had on him is still taking its toll.

We all love a good leader, and I knew from the start that Ander had what it took. Aaron did such a brilliant job in tonight’s episode, he was so resilient. The threat within the walls of the kingdom, didn’t stop him from protecting his people. Even though there was a coup going on to stop Ander from being King he never stopped. 

Ivana also did such an amazing job, Eretria broke my heart in this scene “I wanted to believe that there was a place for me”, it was beautifully executed and written.

One of the most shocking scenes from tonight’s episode, has to be the Catania and Bandon scene, I mean I definitely did not see that coming, to say the least. Marcus did a great job, he was so two faced in tonight’s episode. You didn’t know where he was coming from, but I knew something sketchy was up, I cant wait to see where this takes his character in the finale.

Meanwhile, Amberle, Wil and Eretria finally made it, although a nefarious evil in the form of two women, okay I have just got to complement the costume and makeup department cause they looked devilish in the best way possible. Although many words were exchanged, they got through it, and Amberle made in through the blood fire. I have so many questions, I mean is the last of Eretria?? What does the child of Armageddon mean?? 

An iconic scene of the night has to be when Allanon, Ander, and Slanter all stood together, I loved that shot, and just seeing them come together to defeat their common enemy was pretty cool.


Just when you think that some of your questions were answered, I have so much more questions now. I’m so hyped for the finale and I cannot wait to see what the writers are going to do, when Shannara gets renewed.