Arrow: (S04E15) “Taken”

Quite disappointing actually, something I am not used to saying when I write about Arrow.

It may seem to be interesting and nice, but taking a look at it from a farther view you will see it was a problem solving episode with emotions which may have been what kept you intrigued. 

Plot wise we all knew he would be saved and we all knew that Vixen would help him and we all knew that Felicity would walk again.

But we didn’t know that they would have a fight but it was bound to happen but we all know they will be back together because Olicity keeps the series it’s ratings.

What is actually interesting is how Oliver made a recording for his son, any hacker would be able to retrieve the video or even steal it from them if he finds them and expose Oliver which makes him vulnerable. Let’s see how that angle plays out.

At the same time, the series now has too many different kinds of supernaturals which is kind of making it loose it’s touch. 

Moreover the flashback story is going very slowly, it also doesn’t seem to be very solid just like a past time unlike the previous one where you would be like what the ?!  


I would have preferred to see Constantine over her but she didn’t disappoint. We learned that magic is harnessed from an object and they were able to capture Darhk. But what I am more interested is in seeing how the new mayor will be playing as she seemed to be more in control than Darhk.

What did you think?