Creed (2015)

Not having watched the Rocky movies I have to say this movie had what Southpaw lacked. A little bit of more reality.

Starting the movie with someone moving around group houses then into juvie only to be taken by Creed’s wife where he grows up gets a good job and promoted to only quit to start boxing.

Looking in the local area he gets rejected and decides to move on to where he will meet Ricky Balboa. 

Asking him to train took some time but he agreed and meanwhile a main character can’t go in a boxing movie with an interest he finds a musician.

Like any movie things go worse in his relationship then back to normal but that isn’t the main point of the movie. Moving into another gym he began his training and beat an opponent which boosted his reputation and also that he is Creed’s affair son.

That got him an offer for the title match where he gets beaten up and also does damage at the same time Rocky got cancer and after convincing does chemotherapy.

The part of being better than Southpaw is that he *spoiler* doesn’t win the match *spoiler* but he wins the night.

It was a slow movie all in all but the idea was to show his struggle and hardwork.

But in the boxing genre it was great but I wouldn’t say it is something you will be excited to watch unless you are a fan of the Rocky movies.