Suits (S05E15): “Tick Tock”


I can’t believe that theirs only one more episode left, I don’t think I’m at all prepared for the season finale. On the plus side at least were safe knowing that theirs going to be a season six.

In tonight’s episode of Suits, things have become increasingly worse for Pearson, Specter, Litt. Mike has officially taken over as first chair in his lawsuit. As he will now be representing himself he makes an emotional opening argument with the help of a former client. If you thought his was good, Anita Gibbs also did an excellent job, shes quite the cut throat lawyer, shes do damn determined to win this case, its exhilarating to watch. 

Okay so we all now Louis can become such an emotional wreck under pressure, and the weight of this case has been really getting to him. That scene between him and Harvey has been building up for so long, the confrontation between them was so DAMN intense and emotional is was brilliant to watch. 

Gabriel did such a freaking amazing job in tonight’s episode, not just that scene but his scene with Donna. It was perfect, also it was such a raw emotional scene, I thought I had really seen Harvey vulnerable this season, but it was nothing compared to that scene. 

Mike’s closing statement was surprising to say the least, but it was very well written. All the scenes with Rachel and Mike were excellent, but I loved the Rachel’s outburst of emotions when Mike was considering to take the deal from Anita “What about me, cause all I did was love you!” , it was so raw and heartbreaking to watch. 

Best scene of the night has to be that final sequence coupled with actually the perfect song, I mean stop and listen to the lyrics and watch that scene again, it gave me chills when I watched it. Seriously also to end on that cliffhanger just makes me want to see the finale even more now, and the promo for next weeks episode looks even more intense that this. I have so many questions, and theirs only one more episode left, Thank gosh for season 6.