HTGAWM (S02E12): “It’s a Trap”

Review: Previously on HTGAWM: Annalise Keating is smarter than your faves. Catherine is in jail for something she didn’t do, Frank told Laurel he killed Lyla and Philip likes recording home movies and thus sent Connor a video of everyone at the Hapstall mansion the night Annalise was shot. Finally, Annalise knew Wes(tophe)’s mom and may or may not have something to do with her suicide, and Annalise & Wes are still weirdly fascinating.
Frank/Laurel/Wes: After Frank confesses to killing Lyla, Laurel runs off to Wes’s place, where she finds him looking at the Charles Mahoney-file that Annalise left on his doorstep. Wes reveals that Annalise knew his mother and that the file has something to do with that. Ignoring Frank’s numerous calls and in need for a distraction, Laurel books them a flight to Cleveland (using her father’s money!) so they can get to the bottom of it.


In Cleveland, we find out that Rose’s surname was not Gibbins but Edmond and that Wes got his surname from his foster family. Laurel and Wes go through the trial’s transcripts, and find out that Rose failed to appear in court and never testified. Suspecting that this is what lead to her death, which Wes now thinks might not be a suicide after all, they also track down her hospital records. Wes remembers nothing but finding his mom in a pool of blood and nothing in the records indicates any other cause of death… 


Or so we’re led to believe. More on this below. But somewhere amidst all of this, Wes and Laurel had an amazing scene where Laurel implied that being a part of the Keating Five is not the first time she’s gotten blood on her hands. And that Frank is basically her father (hello, daddy issues). And Wes and Laurel also kissed in a moment of weakness and it was both weird and awesome and I would not be opposed to them exploring this at one point.


The Keating Five: This week, there’s no client. Instead, the episode focuses on the aftermath of last week’s dramatic turn of events. With Wes and Laurel missing in action, the rest of the Keating Five work on finding Philip. He gives them 36 hours to deposit one million dollars, before he sends another video of them on the night in question to the police. 


Annalise/Nate: Nate is still a better person than anyone on this show. Annalise cooks Nate dinner, but Nate overthinks it and ruins the moment. They have a heart to heart, in which Annalise reveals that she’s still afraid Nate might want revenge for all she’s done to him. But Nate assures her that he’s forgiven her. They make up and it’s very sweet, but later, Annalise shows Nate the video and can these people please stop involving this ACTUAL cop in their murder business?


Michaela/Caleb/Catherine: Annalise takes Michaela to the Hapstall mansion, where they try to convince Caleb to talk to Catherine and find out where Philip is. Catherine reveals that Philip probably did kill their parents, but not where Philip currently is. Caleb confides in Michaela, lets her know he misses her, and they make out. They’re cute but Michaela continues to have the worst taste in men. All as gorgeous as they are shady.


Asher/Bonnie: ICYMI: Officer Bennett from Orange is the New Black and Paris Geller were a thing but not anymore because broken trust and murder and all that. Asher is still freaking out over joining the murderer’s club, but Bonnie assures him that she will let him know when it’s actually time to freak out. Later, they sort of break up again, but neither one of them seems to be happy about it. 


Connor/Oliver: Short, but sweet! Connor wants to transfer to Stanford and wants Oliver to come with him. Though it has less to do with Connor wanting to take their relationship to the next level and more with the creepy serial killer who knows where they live. 


The flashbacks: Through the flashbacks, we learn that Annalise was Charles Mahoney’s lawyer, and that his parents were technically Rose’s employers. Rose is a key witness in Charles’s trial, as she’s the only one who can provide him with an alibi for the night he’s suspected of killing his girlfriend. Rose eventually agrees to testify, but only anonymously, as she’s afraid of deportation. Annalise flies to Ohio with Frank for the trial and things seem to go well, until Rose doesn’t appear in court. Charles Mahoney’s father is a dick to Annalise, implying that he hired her despite being black and a woman and pregnant and Annalise somehow manages not to smack him. She tries to convince Rose to testify anyway, but Rose refuses and claims Annalise is just as bad as the Mahoneys. When Annalise leaves, Rose finds Wes(tophe), who mentions that they were supposed to watch tv together. The disrespect! She yells at him to go to bed. Wes(tophe) is not happy about this at all. I know how he feels, I hate it when my quality tv time gets stripped away! 


The end: Annalise convinces everyone to let the 36-hour-deadline pass, sure that Philip won’t actually send the video to the police and reveal his whereabouts. They listen and come to regret it a minute later when Philip sends them footage of Annalise and Nate in the kitchen the previous night! Big Brother Philip is always watching! 


But they don’t give us much time to think about this, because just then, Laurel barges in, demanding to speak to Annalise. When they’re alone, Laurel pulls out a piece of paper: it’s one of the pages of Rose’s hospital records, on which it says that Rose’s suicide was in fact considered a potential homicide and that the primary suspect was her son. Laurel asks Annalise if she knew all along, leaving us to wonder if Wes(tophe) killed his mom for not letting him watch tv!