Shades of Blue: (S01E08) ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’

Shades Of Blue has fast become one of my favourite shows to watch every week and over the last two weeks especially, the show has delivered amazing episodes. Last week we watched as Wozniak killed our beloved and innocent Sap, who Woz initially tried to kill in the season altering episode titled ‘Fall of Man’ (S01E06).

Throughout the season Harlee has been trying her best to save Wozniak and keep the FBI from arresting her. I frustratingly watched as she constantly made excuses for her boss but the tide has changed. Harlee no long sees the kind and helpful man she once looked up to. She sees him for his true self and last night’s episode explored the way in which she came to the conclusion that enough was enough.

Nail biting without dramatic scenes, the script and pace alone makes you want more. I loved the theme of Good Cops and Bad Cops. The fight at the end was ironic since the ‘Good Cops’ supposedly fought ‘Bad Cops’ when we all know that it was Bad vs. Bad. I felt like the writers made that concept aware in a very unique manner.

Now that Harlee has finally agreed to give up her boss, the show is about to become much more interesting. Loving it so far!