The 100: (S03E06) ‘Bitter Harvest’

Another week has passed and another week of the brilliance that is The 100. Appropriately named as ‘Bitter Harvest’, this weeks episode has added more to the already intense plot with some revelations and twist making this episode another strong performance for an already amazing season.

The only part of this season that’s starting to grow annoying is Clarkes relationship with Lexa. I feel like they’re both toxic and Clarke staying with Lexa instead of her people is frustrating to say the least. Kane mentioned a key point when he said with Clarke gone, Bellamy was the key. But sadly Bellamy continues his downward spiral and I was even taken back when he showed no remorse for Lincoln and nodded in agreement when Pike mentioned that Octavia has to be brought to justice.

But even with our beloved Bellamy spiralling out of control, I can still appreciate that his character has to go through these changes. It adds dynamic to an already diverse character. Remember when we first met Bellamy in season one he was almost as mean as Pike, even though the new Chancellor is leading the villain race.

The Jaha and Red mystery deepens. And once again I have to say that there is so much more stories like the Grounder village attack that would alone stand out and deliver a good episode. But this storyline feels out of place and simply ridiculous. I know it sounds like I’m moaning but I actually do LOVE this show. Its full of action, human strength and heart.

Now that the Grounders from the Village are on their way to Polis, I can’t wait to see what Lexa decides next and of course Pike is going to want revenge for the TWO people that were killed. Nevermind the 300 he murdered a few days before.

Can’t wait for next week!