The Vampire Diaries: (S07E14) “Moonlight on the Bayou”

This time by we only see Karoline in New Orleans and that is the only future part. 

But now the past is also gone, with only a present being the new huntress in town going after Stefen.

What is interesting though is that even though Klaus showed up the series still has lost it’s touch. What I actually am wondering is how the crossover will be keeping the balance in the series in the sense that Stefen was marked but if they remove the mark the huntress is just going after the heretic this making Stefen being a mark a very stupid move of just wanting to pass by an episode.

And that brings me back to my point the series has lost it’s touch. I was one for crossovers but now the farther away the series can stay from The Originals the better it will be for The Originals.

On the plus side we have had some progress in a ship. Klaroline may be happening and we all saw that Klaus is still affected. Now that Cami is kind of killing her relationship with him it’s only a matter of time that they finally decide which ship wins.