Triple 9 Movie Review (2016)

When people think of crime/drama/thriller movies I’m sure they think “oh man this is gonna be some stupid cop movie ain’t it?” Well this one isn’t your normal cop movie boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, cats and dogs, I have no idea where I was going with that; The movie I will be reviewing today is Triple 9!

In the film we are introduced to Russel Welch (Norman Reedus) talking to Mike (Chiwetel Ejiofor) about the job that they will be needing help on, the job needs precision, it needs smarts and no dumb actions in the back seat Russel’s brother Gabe (Aaron Paul) who was listening in to be a part of the job. They explain that they need Marcus’s help, which Russel doesn’t like (they explain that later after the heist why he didn’t like Marcus to be apart of the job). The next day Russel (Reedus), Mike (Ejiofor), Gabe (Paul), Marcus (Anthony Mackie), and Jorge aka Farco (Clifton Collins Jr.) were all gearing up getting ready for the heist, Russel chose not to gear up since he was going to only be a driver for the group to use to get to the location then they used him for surveillance. The group began the bank heist, everything seemed to be going good but something went wrong during the run when the group was in the car driving away from the bank they were blown with red ink, the ink got everywhere only to find out that one of the members got way too greedy and took some of the money. The heist then turned into a double car jacking so they could get away. The next day Mike visits Irina (Kate Winslet) a russian mob boss who demanded the heist to be clean with no distractions, when she learns that Russel’s brother Gabe made the heist sloppy with taking some of the money she had Russel killed only to have enough life to drive to the group so he could die in Mike’s arms. With Mike enraged that his best friend and comrade had died by the russian mob; he takes on the next job that he is offered by them bringing the rest of the crew together one last time. Will this next job go as planned? Or will everyone kill each other just for the most littlest thing? Find out by seeing the movie!

I gotta say, normally when it comes to crime/drama’s I normally can’t handle them because they are normally the same routine over and over again, but with this film they changed it up. How? Well I’ll tell you, they changed it up by having you look at this movie in the criminals viewpoint instead of only the cops viewpoint, this time the movie was focused on the viewpoint of the criminals which hardly ever happens. But it was done quite well, and the only thing that irritated me was that Gal Gadot was put in there only to be eye candy for a good few scenes and thats a waste of talent right there, we all know Gadot can act like really well. And to put her into a movie where shes only a baby mama eye candy thats a bad move that they chose to do! Other than that the movie wasn’t that bad a lot of violence, a lot of guns blazing, and a lot of criminal planning, I would have to give this film 4 out of 5 stars the story was pretty good, it seemed like the story was about to go dry but then picked back up and became good really fast. So go see the film!