How can a successful The Originals & The Vampire Diaries crossover happen?

After watching both the episodes of the crossover we have all been looking for, I didn’t see anything special happen.

Take for example usually a crossover means that two shows work in sync and merge up with the characters and they end up with a story.

Having seen Arrow & Flash crossovers they somehow manage to create a one episode story to just gather up or maybe they bring in the help of the other cast to capture someone.

This time though we actually saw Stefen being marked and he turned to Klaus’s city New Orleans but getting kicked out of there because he wasn’t honest with Klaus only to be accepted because of Caroline.

With the whole Caroline call it brought back a lot of memories to everyone including the fans, but what actually killed the whole moment he had was how Klaus managed to get riled up when Aurora brought up Camile.

Not that I am saying that he shouldn’t have reacted this way, but for someone who spoke to Caroline after ages must be thinking about it for a while but he doesn’t even mention it not once just when he talks to Stefen at the end.

Likewise seeing just one character in the crossover seems a little boring and pointless. Simply because Stefen gets a mark then they make a crossover to get him to New Orleans to be saved. Think of it this way they made this whole story for a mark to make a crossover only to get him saved at the end.

To justify that what they did is make Stefen help out in the episode by brining in the huntress who got them inside easily by eliminating all Strixs.

With all that being said, the question comes in how can they make them both work and not make it feel weird or out of place in the sense that it didn’t seem like a different thing.

The first thing that should be done is to increase the contact among the cast in the show in other words, make sure that the shows are not strangers. Take for example when The Originals started Klaus once said ‘I contacted the witches in Mystic Falls’ now instead of just saying it if they could maybe put contact and show that happening it would actually make it seem like the shows are distant from each other.

Secondly they should try to create a plot where the two shows can share maybe next season. Take for example when they brought Tyler over to help kill Klaus but abandoned the story but now instead of they could maybe interact between characters making them share a plot this will make the shows be on the same world and not feel weird if one goes to the others place even if it is for just a mere 3 minutes.

Thirdly improving the Vampire Diaries story would make the crossover be a crossover because the story there right now is really boring as the huntress marked Stefen but then he is now cured which makes us ask the question who will the huntress go back to kill the Heretics? In that case it is very far from the main characters as Stefen and Damon have little to no relationship with them. So after watching the crossover I actually though that The Originals carried the whole burden of making it shine rather than having both shows intriguing.

These are a few ideas I think that can make the next crossover successful and something to look forward to. For the moment I say keep The Vampire Diaries as far away from The Originals as possible.