Inside Out Movie Review (2015)

In the ways of an animator this movie is a gold mine of being taught about animation. In a childs eyes this movie is an amazing film! And in the eyes of any movie lover this movie is just so great, the movie I’m reviewing today is Inside Out!

In the film we are introduced to the first emotion known as Joy (Amy Poehler) of our main character whose name is Riley. Later down the line Riley creates the emotions of Fear (Bill Hader), Sadness (Phylis Smith), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), and Anger (Lewis Black). Everything seems to be going great, Riley creates in her head lots of islands of personalities and creates tons of memories; which some stay forever which are known as core memories and then theres the long term and short term memories, the short term memories are replaced with others every year of her life. Everything seemed to be going great for Riley, until her family chose to move to San Francisco; its then the emotions in Riley’s head become confused in their surroundings and try making Riley feel good about her new home, but not everyone is liking the new home. Its not until Sadness messes with the core memories and forces them all to be taken away and Sadness and Joy are taken away from headquarters with the core memories. Its Joy’s mission to get the core memories back to headquarters to make Riley whole again. Will Joy and Sadness make it back in time before headquarters goes up in flames? Find out by watching the film!

To be honest, as an animator I was really skeptical in seeing this movie because its dealing with emotions, but then I realized that this film is a key aspect to helping any animator becoming a good animator because the film is about emotions. That is one of the laws of animating is to always express emotion through your work. But with this being a movie about emotions and also having a movie about ones childhood it kinda makes you think about your own too. This film did have some really funny aspects as well but with me looking at this movie in an animator way I truly loved it. Seeing this movie as a movie lover way I still truly loved it but it also made me think a whole lot. Which is good, if a movie makes you think, to me thats a good sign. Overall I would give this film a 5 out of 5 stars for such a great story and a fantastic way to show animating at its best!

Inside Out is now out on DVD and/or Blu-Ray and DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack