Scandal (S05E12): “Wild Card”

Review: Oh Cyrus, it has not been easy for you, walking around the White House being powerless, has it? So something needed to be done, I know… I know. Something like grieving your cousin when actually going on a road trip in search for a new president to be. Yes, when Cyrus left the White House to supposedly go to his cousin’s funeral he found himself a new “Fitz”. His name is Francisco Vargas. Who the hell is he, you’d ask? Well no one KNEW. So Cyrus solved this tiny, little problem by making this man a hero. Because everyone likes a hero right, so credits for the masterplan. Governor Vargas is by the way unaware that Cyrus has been planning his big future ahead. We find out that Tom Larsen was involved in this masterplan as well, because he turns up out of the blue in Cyrus’ hotel room only wearing a towel. Yes, quite a surprise, let’s not talk about that, shall we? For multiple reasons really, but mostly because I find Tom to be a real psychopath. I find him scarier than Jake and Huck (even when their monster personalities come out). Charlie and Quinn (she is not aware) are also involved in Cyrus’ plan. They are babysitting for the kid, whose father is forced to go on a suicide mission and scapegoat himself in order to make governor Vargas a hero. Also Abby will need to watch her back from now on, because this Cyrus isn’t as trustworthy anymore. He takes every opportunity to manage the situation into what’s best for him and his new Fitz.

Talking about trustworthiness. Really, someone should explain to Olivia (again!) that her father is not to be trusted. Never. So… why is she sitting in the park with her father, talking like if he is a normal person. It is surreal. Rowan makes an effort to break up Jolivia (why would he do that?) by informing Olivia that Jake now has a girlfriend and wants to start a family. Really Rowan? He’s is clearly trying to manipulate Olivia and wants to get her out of the way before she can figure out what he is up to. That’s what we all want to know. Surprisingly, it’s Huck who confronts Olivia about her father. Because Olivia was supposed to investigate Rowan and/or Jake secret plans, but hasn’t really been looking into what they might be or might not have been planning. Huck may be a creepy bastard from time to time, but at least he is trying to talk some sense into Olivia. Olivia doesn’t seem to care at first, but although she may have still been sleeping with the enemy (read: Jake), she is not turning a complete blind eye anymore either. In the end we see Pope and associates start an investigation into Jake’s new girlfriend to find out what Rowan has in store for them.

David Rosen is still leading on Susan Ross letting her think he is in love with her. I think he actually does really like her, but doesn’t want to admit that to himself or to the evil miss Elisabeth North. Meanwhile David is still sleeping with her as well as with Susan. Although… I wouldn’t say sleeping with Elisabeth North is completely consensual anymore. If the roles were reversed I would have probably said something about sexual abuse already.

And what about Fitz. Due to lack of ambition he is definitely not busy being Mr. President or doing anything of actual relevance whatsoever. Any scandal he has been involved in lately? Yes, of course, because it was just a matter of time before Fitz would throw himself onto this new journalist who’s in town. He just can’t resist. And instead of keeping it low profile, he is going around in his car making out with her. Yep. And I love, love, love how Abby totally ruined this make-out session for him by talking about all of these protocols while referring to the journalist as a ‘wildcard’. Lol. And Abby is definitely not dropping the subject of Fitz’ relationships anytime soon. I must say she does make a real good ‘workwife’ this episode. She is not taking any crap and gets Fitz to listen (in the end). So from now on Abby is allowed to refer to Mr. President as just ‘Fitz’. At least when it comes to Fitz’ hook-ups.