The Goldbergs (S03E16) “Edward ‘Eddie the Eagle’ Edwards”

Review: There’s obviously only one athlete in the Goldberg family and that’s Barry. However, when Rubén Amaro Jr. gets chosen as Athlete of the Year at school and not Barry, he feels down. Not for long though because when he hears about the incredible story of underdog Eddie the Eagle, it inspires him to become an Olympic champion. Adam and Barry try to find the right sport for Barry to become a champion in. But he doesn’t want to dance with horses and almost kills himself doing rhythmic gymnastics, so they can’t really find a fitting sport. But Barry has a solution for this and decides to make Ball Ball an Olympic sport. When he tries to sell the sport he and Adam made up to his classmates, Rubén Amaro Jr. comes in and takes over. Amaro’s opinion is so important to Barry that he agrees to get Adam off the team. But after the game is renamed Rubén ball and Barry can’t be club president anymore, he decides to leave the team as well. Adam tells him the truth that his big brother isn’t as great at sports as he always thought. This gets Barry down and he is ready to burn all his sports gear. Adam stops him from doing that and comes up with the Home Games to cheer him up and bring back his confidence. The games include trash bin racing, gym sock torpedo, stationary pedaling and face darts. Of course Barry the Eagle is the Home Games champion and wins all 17 games.

Meanwhile, things are not going well in the furniture business. Murray is trying to cut back on heat, electricity and milk and also cut back the hours of his employee Vic. When Beverly finds out about this, she wants to help Murray out with the origami of furniture: a futon, or as they say ‘faton’. She brings one to the store and gets a customer to buy one. Murray isn’t happy with the help Bev gives him and decides that she is in charge of the store now. He even threatens to just quit the business, and organizes a going out of business sale, which Beverly sees as a fantastic sales technique to sell more. Murray gets angry with Bev and goes to the furniture store to spend the night, on a futon. When he wakes up in the morning, the store is crowded and because he was sleeping so peacefully on the futon, people decided to buy one as well. After a talk with Pops, Murray realizes that getting a little help from family isn’t a bad thing. And even when it’s hard for him to do, he asks Beverly for her help in the store.

The talk between Murray and Pops was very sweet: “Now you’re my family and this is how we do it”. Oh how I wish we could see more of those Home Games! We only got to see three of them and I hope that we will see more in future episodes. It was nice to finally see Vic back! I love his character and the way he’s played by Cedric Yarbrough is great! Back and forths like this (see below) are what the show does very well. This was just very funny, as was the scene with the discussion about the slow clap vs. the sarcastic clap.

Rating: 9/10

Next week, The Goldbergs will air its annual movie episode, and this year it will be a tribute to Dirty Dancing and I’m really excited for it! FYI, the episode airs at 8/7c instead of its usual time.