The Originals: (S03E14) “A Streetcar Named Desire”

With the Vampire Diaries being boring as usual, Klaus brought Stefen to New Orleans as he promised Caroline that he would keep him safe. 

Already facing enough problems in New Orleans he leaves Stefen to his sister who hooks him up with some ointment to make sure that Huntress can’t track him.

Meanwhile he finds out where Aurora is because Hailey called Elijah. But it being an ambush they get taken down. Hailey herself found Lucian who had been dried out by Aurora and locked up in the mini mobile motel type place.

Arya had created this magical place for Tristan and she also let Aurora in in trade for the weapon. Following suit the two Originals were also put in there.

Marcel not being aware of the plan that Klaus would be the test subject once the spell is done decides to change his standing and helps Hailey & Stefen to get in.

Driving towards their house which was being well guarded by all vampires from around the world, Hailey & Stefen were in the trunk where each one of them showcased their own wallpapers and had a nice chat. 

Stefen being a smart dude decided to remove the ointment to bring the Huntress into the picture in eliminating all the vampires.

Lucian however stayed behind for Freya to work her way inside the amgucal place Arya put her brothers in and destroy from inside. Successfully she managed to rescue both but being a little late for Klaus who Devina managed to keep at bay and finish his sire link.

Hailey stabs Arya and Stefen says a goodbye to Klaus. What is interesting though is that Jlaus felt weak and that should be the next problem in the episodes that follow. 

Devina now powerful and beaming with pride brings back Kol!

What we actually learn from this is that crossovers aren’t going to be a major deal in the sense that it won’t be what shapes the episode but rather the crossover shapes around the episode.

At the same time now that Tristan is in water, Aurora behind a brick wall Klaus put up we now have the problem solved that had started at the beginning of the season leading us to a new story being Kol’s return & Klaus loosing his sire connection. At this point it is hard to say what Klaus might do but is a safe guess to say he may come after Devina but Kol may convince him to spare her life. 

What we need next is to see Rebecca being back!