Grey’s Anatomy (S12E11): “Unbreak My Heart”

Review: Prepare yourself for an episode that is all about Jackson and April. Because Jackson and April is all you will get. It’s not a bad thing per se though, because it kind of ends the whole period of Japril sorrow that we have experienced since Samuel’s death (the child Jackson and April’s had, who had a rare life threatening disease and died soon after he was born). It also puts things into perspective as we learn a lot more about Jackson and April’s relationship in this episode as well.

So we know Jackson has served April with the divorce papers. April doesn’t want to sign them and was pretty pissed Jackson did not warn her about this. But in the first few scenes we get to watch them sitting around a table with two lawyers present. April looks at Jackson and from that point on we go back in time, one flashback at a time to see where it all started and what has happened. How did they go from interns at Mercy West to residents and doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial? When did they first meet? We see how they got closer after the death of both Reed and Charles during the shooting. Of course we go back in time to when Jackson crashed Aprils wedding to declare his love and how they ran away together. We actually get a glimpse of quite a few scenes from the road trip they went on, that we’ve never get to see before.

At the same time there is a patient case we follow through the years as well. Jackson has been treating this woman, Tatiana, for the last 4 or 5 years, who suffered from a terrible acid burn to the face. Jackson started treating this patient around the same time he started dating April. And we follow the progress he has made with this patient. But as Tatiana’s face is now finally perfectly healed (yes, Mark Sloan would have been proud), it’s time for Jackson to say goodbye, just as it is time to say goodbye to his marriage with April.

Going from flashback to flashback it definitely shows us a lot of moments we didn’t get to see before and in those moments you immediately see how different Jackson and April always have been and still are. They were able to overcome some of those differences, but when Samuel died it triggered something. She eventually left for Jordan, while he stayed. She needed to do something else. He only needed her. She survived. He survived. But April and Jackson as a couple did not survive. So although April still doesn’t want to give up on Jackson (and she doesn’t believe in divorce) she does eventually sign the papers, because it is what Jackson wants. If this is really the end of a “Japril-era”? Who knows, I don’t think we have seen the last of them, now that we found out April is pregnant again and Jackson clearly doesn’t know about it (yet). Will she tell him?