Inception (2010)

There are two people that I never used to watch their movies, it’s like when you see a person for the first time and you don’t like them same thing. They are Tom Cruise & Leonardo DiCaprio that I never once felt like watching their movie. But now after this movie it is safe to say Leo is out of the list!

With the movie being about making a person go into a dream and an engineer designing the whole dream to make him believe that it is really to extract information. Going on a job to extract information from a Chinese dude who ends up finding out about the dream because of the carpet the architect missed ends up making sure they don’t get the information. 

What is also special is that they made 3 levels of dreams to convince him. With their job failed Cobb the main character who has been on the run because the cops think he killed his wife wants to return to his children. 

Running away from his contractor, they are now feeling out of the country but the Chinese dude Shaito now shows up to offer them a job, one where they have to plant an idea into the son of a major energy company. The father has been on his death bed and Shaito want them to put in the mind of the son who will get the inheritance to break up the company.

Making a three level dream by getting a new architect, they were attacked in the dream as the son was taught from a young age to have his subconscious protected. Therefore mercenaries were attacking them constantly and one hit Shaito who also was in the dream wounding him in the process. 

Cobb didn’t warn the team that the heavy sedation meant that their death would result in going to a stage of constant dreaming something which Cobb experienced with his wife.

It’s useless to write what happened in their plan as you have watched the movie if you are reading this now so let’s skip ahead. 

Cobb having this whole multi level placed designed in his dream one for his wife and children one for his wife only and one for the horrible night his wife died. 

Ariadne the newest architect manages to bring Cobb back from his dream where Mal his wife was holding the son they had to implant in.

Of course being Hollywood they manage to implany, and be back to the plane just in time for it’s landing. 

Shaito kept his word and he goes back to his fanily. A very happy ending. 😂😂

What I actually think of the movie, is the way they managed to get a complex idea which sometimes doesn’t stick or it’s hard for people to process this idea and they yet made it great and understandble. 

At the same time Leo had this great performance which now I understand why people say he deserved an Oscar ages ago!