Spy (2015)

Some may have a theory that how can a fat lady make a series hilarious or be a spy. Well she proved it in the movie that everyone can do anything as long as they put their mind into it. Pitch Perfect can also add to my point.

The movie basically is about a CIA agent faking his death to go undercover and no one knew about it, to take his place Susan steps up and goes undercover as all other high operative or agents were compromised. 

Jason Statham’s character played the fool and naive this time and not the usual tough guy and it really suited him taking the face change machine talk as an example.

But who actually impressed the whole movie was non other than Susan Cooper. Doing all kinds of stunts from beating guys up to making guys insecure of their appearance. 

Her performance throughout the movie was simply amazing, even though she is slow her accuracy is impressive and her on the spot reflex skills too. 

Managing to actually hold on to a helicopter and I actually thought that they would make the helicopter not fly as a joke because of her yet she managed to get the nuke on the water along with the diamonds.

If you go to this movie for the plot and a story to watch for you have been mistaken, this movie is like Jump Street where the cop idea is used to generate tons of comedy and more or less like Brooklyn 99 series. 

If you are into comedy you must give this a watch for real!