The Walking Dead: (S06E11) “Knots Untie”

With ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’ getting dressed Carl met Jesus. Take note he looks like Jesus which kind of paints a picture that he is a saviour.

That was not just it a new love triangle not exactly a love triangle of sorts as the guy likes two girls and one of which likes him back so it’s sort of messed up. And we have seen how messed up those have been in the show.

The real story is however the existence of this whole new community. One of which being Jesus’s and the other being Negan.

Maggie showed her true potential, twisting Gregory’s gut to get the most out of the deal and now they have a good source!

It’s like Rick’s group are the men of the house and Jesus’s are the woman! 😂

This brings back a lot of memories, mainly from the governor and we are bound to see some lives lost! Brace yourselves someone is going to die!

What was impressive in this episode was how we have a new doctor which can also result in a hostile take of him, a new villain group led by Negan, and what actually was impressive more than anything was Maggie’s negotiation skills!

And finally, she is pregnant!