Gotham: (S02E12) “Mr.Freeze”

Starting of with the continuation from the murder of Galavan, Jim is questioned about his actions as the captain was hit and taken out by Penguin.

Now a most wanted fugitive Penguin’s reign as the King is over and Butch is left in charge! And guess who shows up for a partnership the sister of Galavan and I bet they will make a powerful couple ruling the streets of Gotham. 

Getting away with his story, Jim decides to stick around and well Penguin gets caught and sent to prison of the insane with the crazy doctor. 

But the main plot was the freezing dude. Trying to cure his wife by lowering her temperature below 200 degrees then bringing her back.

His wife was taken by the police, and he then decided to give up and just admit to being the freezer. But when he saw his 16th test subject return from the frozen state he is determined to save her. 

Next episode ofcourse. 

Quite disappointing in my opinion as the ending was tense and hectic in the mid season. To only comeback to a slow build up. But in their defence they had no story but to show the freeze one and the crazy doctor in town.